Pruksa Ville Lifestyle...Thoughtful

Product Concept

Simple Life, Better Life

A two storey townhome combining the architecture and the nature together. The design is simple and not complicated. We add more layers at the roof and around the house. Moreover, there is a large door and Enlarge-High window to make you feel fresh air and closer to the nature. All material selections have quality equivalent to those used in a single house. There is a Flexi – Multi Space that you can change to fit with your needs, to make you feel to have a new life, and new feeling of living here.

Project Concept

Every step of life here … warm and safe

• the use of Auto Access Card System to control access into the project
• security check points equipped with card scans 
• CCTV at the main gate
• 24-hour security guards to ensure safety in the project
• a spacious Main Gate with natural decoration
• get closer to nature with strip parks and a common garden that increase oxygen flow
• a track around a common garden for every lifestyle