Pruksa Ville Bangna - Nhamdaeng

Project location

Bang Kaeo, Bang Phi, Samut Prakan.


To travel

  • From separate thepharak road prior to the left (landmark Foodland) 1 km turn left from Foodland SOI namdang then runs directly along the road about five kilometers measurement observations yolks barbed thorns, red on the right, and then ran for approximately 1 km into Pruksa Avenue.
  • From theparak road The nearest route to SOI fairtex gym by observing the namdang market on the left and then ran under the Expressway to pass when the Honda Center, and then turn left into SOI fairtex gym, go straight until you reach the junction of the road, turn left and then the namdang ran straight for about 1 km, then turn right into the entrance to SOI. Sub-District, some glass, approximately 800 meters to find the entrance, Pruksa Avenue.
  • Kingkaew road bangphli homepro runs directly to three kilometers and then right. Note that the construction of the bridge, then turn right into SOI namdang ran straight to 4 km to the road intersection, red thorns vs. direct to approximately 1 km and then turn right. Access travel Sub-District, some glass, then run straight for approx. 800 metres enter Pruksa Avenue.
  • From Bangna (outbound), back truck page mega Bangna, about 2.5 km, direct observation, and condo towers Bangna Tower left the WAT Klong prat priang, turn left into SOI direct end of SOI, turn left and drive through the WAT Klong prat priang, the main trail 3 km until via local, some glass, approximately 500 metres on the right hand side project Pruksa Avenue.