Pruksa Ville Lifestyle...Thoughtful


  • Modern Style, Smart Thought of Living

Experience of living with a new concept Simple Life brings different elements of a busy life rearranged through the line geometry. Reduction of unnecessary complexity. Causing space-efficient. Open surface Demonstrate the true value and beauty in itself. You discover new ways to live with a new mood at Pruksa Ville ... Modern style.

Product Concept

  • Shape of Life

We create a new form of life on an area of more than 95-100 square meters. Which allow you to live through modern modern house function 3 2 bedroom bathroom. Design on wide and private parking. And the space allocated customers with different Suite Master Bedroom, function, separate kitchen proportion. And dining room surrounded by nature. Then you will find new inspiration from living here.

Project Concept

  • Better Life, Details of Life

Modern life is to pay attention to every simplicity... Tasteful Modern home from trees will took the glass cutting light for use with all doors and windows, to reduce the heat reducing UV and saving energy. The more natural exposure through the door, window, extra large Open Space add a touch of nature with a staircase wood. And every step smoothly without tripping with large tiles 60x60 cm including selection of materials of all kinds equivalent house.

In addition to you free of all worries... For life better. With access to the project safely with Auto system Access Card points Check Point convenient, safe system Card Scan CCTV camera at the main entrance. (Main Gate) and Security Guard with surveillance and security throughout the 24 hours. Moreover, you close to nature, with Strip Park central park green areas and increase oxygen and Main Gate spacious natural adjusted to perfectly with modern style.