Pruksa Ville Nakhon In - Ratchaphruek

Project location

Bang Khun Kong, Bang Gruay, Nonthaburi.


To travel

  • From Nakhon Running across the bridge over the roundabout road distance of about 3.8 kilometers to the project (the path parallel to Soi Wat Bang Krai Nai).
  • From the road Running across Borommaratchachonnani (the pine. Chan is on the right), approximately two kilometers to run parallel to Rush Street, a vegetable garden, then go straight on the way to market vegetable gardens, turn left alley vegetable garden, 32, then over the bridge. across the canal, turn left into the road for intelligent performance. Follow the road about 1 km turn right through the gate to celebrate. Notice the labels on some grindcore then drove about 2.75 km route through to Wat Bang Krai in the project.
  • From Kanchanapisek road, turn left into Soi Thep Arts School Rd. Nonthaburi follow the path all the way, about 2.8 kilometers (notably school education Wararat Nonthaburi) to sift arch honor. Then ran to the front of Wat Bang Krai in the project.
  • From Kanchanaphisek road, turn left into Soi Wat Sriboonruang (the thin end of the road) and drive straight along the road about 2.3 kilometers (notably school education Wararat Nonthaburi), turn right onto the road to intelligent performance. Turn left through the arch to commemorate the route to pass Wat Bang Krai in the project.