Mono Zen Plus
Inspired by the development of home life simple but fashionable, it caused the integration between design and Zen Modern by compose new elements of architecture that emphasizes smooth lines. But the details make interesting latent with the Design Function along with increasing the green area and life experience of nature. Reflect the style and taste of life another stage in Zen.

Product Concept

Change the mood around the house as well as the smooth calm, lessen the details and increase the area with Concept design from the view Zen airy and nature. The house is not the only housing. But the area that meet all of the needs of the entire family. Featured with multiple functions such as

- Flexible Living open wider view feel airy and comfortable living space of living room desire. With free to change functions according to requirements.

- Grand Master Bedroom

- Kitchen area increases and is proportional to the increase of happiness family.

In addition, still put you at ease about material. Because we selected all kinds of materials, as well as house Whether it is the floor tile size sheet 60x60 cm to beauty and walking not stumble. Energy saving with the windows and doors used glass cutting light heat and UV rays with the sliding Open, Space large dogs Open view wide receiver natural light and ventilation well and wood stairs, so you touch comfort naturally.

Project Concept

Live comfortably in society over the level with the facilities we expected ready to life style, such as a fitness and communal garden for all life close to nature. Jogging Track so you can exercise on holiday. At ease in the security with access to the project through the door lock system 2 I CCTV main way of project, with points Check Point with scanner. And the Security Guard care surveillance throughout the 24 hours.