Pruksa Ville Thawi Watthana

Project Location

Bang Khae Nuea, Bang Khae Nuea, Bangkok.

To travel

 - The project is adjacent to Khlong Thawi if the road turn left at the Klong Thawi distance of 2 km to the plaza 2 2.5 km to Phuttamonthon 3 runs shortcut alley Phuttamonthon 3 split. 4 to Thawi Watthana Road about 200 meters, you will find close by the road. Approximately 2 km by road. A main street in the district of Thonburi. The road is six lanes allow motorists using the road. Arrivals - urban mobility can also be connected to major roads, the other practical. Coverage of major roads in Thonburi area. Almost all routes.
 - For those who work in the city, Silom, Sathorn There are two main ways to Phetkasem inward. Run to turn up Ring Kan Rd Mall Bang Khae Go straight ahead and turn left. It will connect with the road Kanlapaphruek Direct road access to Silom, Sathorn and any other use Phetkasem inward. Direct access to the isolated road. Ratchaphruek road Turn left up the bridge It will connect the road with his legs. On the road, both inbound pass Ratchada - walks along the Green Line. (Taksin - Bang Wa) until the Taksin Bridge. Bangkok - Silom quickly and easily as well.
 - The people who work in the zone Sakhon Nakhon, you can use the outbound side road and go straight on the road. It is connected to Om, Om Yai, Samut long to Nakhon Pathom, Ratchaburi, Kanchanaburi has to go to the zone Salaya. You can take the road along Klong Thawi outbound side of the road heading to the Salaya - Nakhon Chai Si. This line will connect quickly and easily to Salaya who study or work in the zone Salaya.