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  • Neo Zen

Neo Zen: Inspired by the vision to develop a house for a simple yet modern life, the project combines Zen and Modern concepts, resulting in a new way of arranging architectural elements with focus on calm graphic lines yet with attractive details. The house is complete with design and function with additional green space to get you closer to nature, reflecting another level of Zen taste and lifestyle

Product Concept

Change the old mood of house with new simple, calm design. Cut off redundant details and increase the space in primary areas with Zen design concept that focuses on airiness and natural view. Make a house more than just an accommodation but a place to responds to every need of the family member by outstandingly complete functions including :

  • Flexible Living : Embrace a wider vantage point, feel the airiness and comfort with a multi-purposed room that can be adjust to serve any function as you wish
  • Grand Master Bedroom : Offering two master bedrooms that give you the feeling of a single house (for a 3-stoery townhouse)
  • Kitchen : Enhance the kitchen space and properly divide the area for more happiness of the family

Furthermore, you can be stress-free about the material used in the project because we selected only premium material equivalent to those used in a single-house project. This includes the utilization of large 60X60 floor tiles to make your every move smoother than ever and filtered glass in window and door to reduce heat and UV rays. It also welcomes more natural light and increases open space through the use of extra-large doors and windows, and applies real wooden stairs to let you feel its natural comfort.

Project Concept

Project Concept : Live a simple life in a superior community among facilities that we carefully prepared for your lifestyles including a common swimming pool (a salt-water pool for a 3-storey townhouse project) with a multi-purposed building, a common park that brings you closer to nature, a jogging track for your exercise in resting days. Be comforted by double-lock project gate, CCTVs in the main entrance, check points with scan cards, and 24-hour security guards to ensure maximum safety in the project.