Facilities surrounding the project

  • Transportation Network :
    Make a trip to Bangkok’s business center through Bang Na Trad Expressway (Burapavithi) and West Kanchanapisek Ring Road. Stay connected to the surrounding destinations by multiple main roads, including  Bang Na Trad Rd., to Sukhumvit Rd., King Keaw Rd., Teparuk Rd., Srinakarin Rd.
  • Department stores, Hypermarkets, Shops and Markets :
    Close to various shopping places  including Mega Bang Na, Central Bangna, Home Pro, Big C Bang Na, Tesco Lotus - Bang Pi, Tesco Lotus Srinakarin, Secon Square.
  • Government office :
    Bang Na District Office,  King Keaw - Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Rachatewa - Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Bang Pi Yai - Subdistrict Administrative Organization.
  • Medical services :
    Bang Na 2 Hospital, Piyamin Hostipal, Chularat 1 (Bang Pi) Hospital, Thai Nakarin Hospital, Paolo Hostipal, Paolo Memoriel Hospital Samutprakarn, Chularat 2 (Teparuk) Hospital, Chularat 4 (Nam Deang) Hospital, Chularat 9 (Kingneaw) Hospital, Srikarin Hospital. 
  • Educational institutions :
    Saint Joseph ฺBang Na School, Rajvinit Bang Na School, Sri Iam Anusorn School, Autthavit School, Attawit Commercial Technology College, South East Bangkok School, La Sal School, Sirirattanathorn School, Bangkok Patana School. 

Facilities surrounding the project

  • Security

  • Auto Access Card

  • CCTV

  • Park

  • swimming-pool