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  • The Oriental

Modern Oriental is another style of modern. The design of the project is the modern oriental style. We use modern oriental style materials and the natural colors of the 4 elements including earth, water, metal, and wood.

Product Concept

  • The Charm of Modern Oriental Style

The unique beauty of the modern oriental style has been thoughtfully incorporated into every single detail of the architectural design of our townhome project. The stylish geometrical shapes, lines, and natural colors have been used in its design to harmonize with modern lifestyle in order to meet the need of the new generation which still shows their true identity.

Project Concept

  • Retreat of Oriental Style

          Retreat of Oriental Style, To live freely and close to nature more

           - a spacious Main Gate with natural decoration
           - the use of Auto Access Card System to control access into the project
           - security check points equipped with card scans
           - CCTV at the main gate
           - 24-hour security guards to ensure safety in the project
           - get closer to nature with a common garden that increases oxygen flow
           - a jogging track around a common garden for every lifestyle