Pruksa Ville Rama 2-Takham

Project location

Samae Dam, Bang Khun Thian, Bangkok.


To travel

  • From Rama 2

Run the way parallel head THA Rd. (Rama 2 Rd., SOI 53, slightly before the crossing piers with home businesses.) THA Rd. turn left into SOI run road, and turn left (crossing the SOI 23. The shortcuts run trail head thian) THA tha wall across the wall. The three were found approximately 500 metres, then turn right at the intersection, project, found on the left.

  • From Bang Khun Thian

Head Rd. Thientalay C 7 (at the mouth of Soi 7-11) running along the Tianjin sea C 7 approximately 1.3 km find the project on the right.